Not much information on this team, except they are from London.

Acceleramus 1


We are a new team to Coleby made up of Year 9 students from nearby Branston Community Academy. Students are part of an after school club set up by Technology teacher Mark Creasey.

The cart has seen action in other events when it was campaigned by Lincoln Castle Academy (Mark Creasey’s previous school). Over the coming months we hope to improve the cart further to make it more competitive. This is our first event so cheer us on!

Branston Community Academy

This is our second soapbox and our first complete build from the ground up. It has only competed at Worlaby in 2014 and 2015 and is very much still under development. This soapbox is constantly being modified in search of faster times and to become the faster of our soapboxes, which it has not been up to now.

The main driver will be Matthew Harrison with the possibility of Simon Harrison also driving.

From Brigg, North Lincolnshire.

Slippery Slope Racing Evolution

A Futurama based, family built soapbox operated by teenagers (you've been warned!)

The product of year 3000 technology sent back in time to today, along with the robot Bender and Dr Zoidberg.

 Planet Express

Planet Express

Purchased four years ago at the start of our gravity racing.

Our Cart is based on two pushbike frames running 20" wheels. It has been changed since we started by improving the brakes and by lowering the ground clearance as well as additional safety improvements.

This soapbox has competed at Worlaby, Windmill and Belchford as well as Coleby back in 2014. We have achieved two third place finishes at Worlaby and performed better than expected at the other events and last time out it was the faster of our two soapboxes.

Main driver will be Simon Harrison with the possibility of been double driven by Matthew Harrison.

From Brigg, North Lincolnshire.

Slippery Slope Racing


The organisers of Coleby Downhill Challenge and the owners of the land do not accept any responsibility for any damage, loss or injury to the entrants/spectators or equipment.


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