Please read the attached notes and conditions of entry. To enter the “Coleby Downhill Challenge 2020”, complete the form below and if you are successful you will receive an email with a payment link for the appropriate entry fee.

Competition rules and further details will be emailed to you in due course and will be published on the event web site at or via Facebook


Team Details

Gravity Sidecar Entry £45

Conditions of Entry

All team members will be required to sign a disclaimer at event registration to indemnify the event organisers and their representatives from any liability for loss, damage or injury caused by their involvement in the event. For team members under the age of 18, this disclaimer will also need to be countersigned by their parent or guardian.

All team members will be required to follow the directions of the event organisers and their representatives and must agree to be bound by any decision that is made be the event organisers.

All teams must ensure that their vehicle has been thoroughly tested and that the drivers are competent and practiced in handling it at speed. Teams must not bring untested vehicles and inexperienced drivers to Coleby.

All vehicles and protective clothing will be inspected before the event to ensure compliance with the rules. Vehicles which are not considered suitable will not be permitted to take part. Drivers who do not have suitable protective clothing will not be permitted to take part. To avoid being disappointed on the day, teams are urged to contact the organisers well in advance of the event if they are unsure of any aspect of the rules.

The event organiser’s inspection of their vehicle does not constitute an implied warranty of safety. All teams are solely responsible for the safe construction and operation of their vehicle.

Each Soapbox team can have a maximum of four drivers. Gravity Bikes are one bike one rider.

All teams will nominate a team captain who is responsible for the conduct of the team and who will be the official point of contact between the team and the event organisers. The team captain must be at least 18 years old on the date of the event.

All drivers must be at least 14 years old. There is no restriction on the age of other team members, but any junior team members must be under the supervision of a responsible adult provided by the team. The event organisers cannot and will not act in loco parentis.

The suggested minimum number of members in a team is 3. Any fewer than this will make it difficult for the team to function. There is no maximum number of team members, although any more than about 8 should be avoided if possible.

All team members must attend the pre-race briefings on all the days they are taking part and must follow the directions of the “Race Officials” at all times.


Gravity racing is dangerous. There is a risk of serious injury or even death to all people taking part. Everyone takes part at their own risk, and when you sign up to take part you agree to accept these risks.

Soapboxes must be built in accordance with the Technical Specifications found on the Coleby Downhill Challenge website:

If you wish to withdraw from the event, you must inform the event organisers in writing. If the notice of withdrawal is received on or before a date 6 weeks in advance of the event, you will be refunded your entry fee. If the withdrawal is made after that date, there will be no refund unless your place can be filled from the reserve list.

A separate entry form is required for each vehicle you wish to enter.

You are advised that speeds on the course can/may be in excess of 40mph in places, and there is a tight left hand hairpin corner to negotiate. Your vehicle must be stable at speed and will need good brakes and steering.

The construction specifications and vehicle inspections do not constitute a warranty of safety. You are solely responsible for the safe construction and operation of your vehicle.

You should ensure that your vehicle is fully tested before you come to Coleby.

If you are at all unsure about any part of the construction specifications, then please get in touch with us (email or via the Facebook page We would be delighted to speak to you about any aspect of the rules and, if practical, will try to arrange pre-inspection of your vehicle to avoid any issues on the day.

The event organisers will acquire third party liability cover for the event. This will not cover loss, damage or injury to competitors, nor does it provide liability cover for the competitors themselves. Competitors are strongly advised to take out their own individual cover if this is a concern.

The event organisers do not anticipate any need to change the published rules and procedures for the event and will not change them without good reason. Nevertheless, they reserve the right to do so if necessary and will endeavour to give all teams as much notice of any rule changes as possible.

Thank you for entering, you should receive an email with a payment link within the next 24 hours.

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See you on the hill.

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The organisers of Coleby Downhill Challenge and the owners of the land do not accept any responsibility for any damage, loss or injury to the entrants/spectators or equipment.


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